Good Renter Program

Have you been a good renter?

Our good renter program allows your landlord to confirm your good renter payment history with our verification department. Once your landlord confirms your payments, we will report that good rental payment history to your credit report.

Please insert the good renters name.

Receive a golden star for paying your rent!

  • How do I get started?

Answer: Have your landlord or property manager validate your rent payments with us and well make sure its reported on your credit as positive payments.

2. Will the positive payments reported to my credit increase my fico score?

Answer: Positive payments always benefit your fico score. We do not guarantee a specific fico increase number, but clients can see increases of 100 or better in some instances.

3. How long does it take to process my good renter application?

Answer: We process good renter program application within 72 hours, and update with the credit bureaus within 30 business days.

4. Which credit bureaus does my good renter application apply to.

Answer: Clients can select which credit bureau they wish to have their good renter application applied to; from the following: Equifax/Experian/TransUnion.

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